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DuMEALZ is a High Quality Prepared Foods service that focuses on Meals that are Portioned for a Healthy Lifestyle. Whether you want to lose weight, have more energy, build muscle or just maintain good health, DuMEALZ is your personal chef. You will get results and reach your health goals by eating the DuMEALZ way. 

The Majority of our Meals are Gluten-FREE. Mainly Wraps, by default are NOT Gluten-FREE, but can be. Just inquire and we will use a Gluten-FREE Wrap. $1.00 Extra Charge to convert Meals that aren't already Gluten-Free to Gluten-FREE.

We mainly use Organic Produce, but sometimes it's not feasible to use all organic. if you want Grass-fed, NO HORMONES, NO ANTIBIOTIC Meats and All Organic produce, WE OFFER THAT. The ALL-ORGANIC charge is only $4.00 extra per-meal.

If you want Custom Meals so you can chose your Protein, Carbs, Veggies and Seasoning, WE OFFER THAT ALSO! Just inquire and we will give you more details.