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Whoooo! HooOOoo! We've been secretly making REAL FOOD Protein Smoothies and they are AMAZINGLY DELICIOUS! We are using our own formulation of Grass-Fed Whey Protein that has only 2 ingredients in it. Whey Protein and Sunflower Lecithin. Each shake also has a balance of Protein, Carbs, Fats and FIBER from Organic Chia Seeds. Right now we have 4 Flavors:

Pina ColadaGrass Fed whey protein concentrate with real Pineapple and Coconut and Organic Chia Seeds. Protein-30 Carbs-20 Fat-10 Fiber-4 Calories-299

Coffee -  Grass Fed whey protein concentrate with Organic Coffee, Organic stevia extract and Organic Chia Seeds. Protein-25 Carbs-8 Fat-5 Fiber-3 Calories-187

Green Machine -  Grass Fed whey protein concentrate with Organic Spinach, Cucumber, Kale, Tangerine and ORGANIC Chia Seeds. Protein-27 Carbs-19 Fat-5 Fiber-5 Calories-241

Vanilla Chia - Grass Fed whey protein concentrate with Organic Madagascar Vanilla Extract, Brown Sugar, Organic Stevia Extract and Organic Chia Seeds. Protein-27 Carbs-19 Fat-3 Fiber-3 Calories-232