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0_Vitality Shred Pack - $6.75 per meal

0_Vitality Shred Pack - $6.75 per meal

$ 138.00

Are you tired of the same lame experience you get time and time again when you've tried to diet with the same YoYo effect every time? You eat like a bird and lose, but then you lose the battle to eating "NORMAL" again and you fall off of the wagon. This cycle confuses the metabolism and it gets harder and harder each time you jump back on the wagon just to get back where you want to be. That's what the Vitality Shred Pack corrects while helping you develop a healthy digestive system first. Let DuMEALZ help you re-balance and tune up the system for Optimum Health. Our Clients see the best results fast when they allow DuMEALZ to control all of their food Monday-Friday.

Directions for the Vitality Shred Pack:
The key is to drink one Vitality between breakfast and lunch and one Vitality between Lunch and Dinner. You don't have to guzzle down the entire bottle quickly. Drink a few gulps at a time.

Wake Up: 32oz Water + DuMEALZ Breakfast
30 Minutes Later: Start Vitality. 1/2 Bottle in one hour. Finish Bottle in Two Hours
Lunch: DuMEALZ Entree
30 Minutes Later: Start Vitality. 1/2 Bottle in one hour. Finish Bottle in Two Hours
Dinner: DuMEALZ Entree
Snack: (Only If Needed) Only Veggies/Low Carb/Hummus/Natural Peanut Butter (1tbsp)

You will utilize the Vitality Shred Pack for 2-4 Weeks or until we believe that you need to add more food. We will monitor and make adjustments as needed. Expect major results, even though they vary from person to person. In most cases, we'll Stick with the Vitality Shred Pack but transition you to the Vitality Maintenance Pack once we start to gain more energy and are motivated to work out more often or more intense. Adjustments will depend on your ACTIVITY Levels. DuMEALZ will work with you as you progress. We are here to help you WIN! 

The entire packs provides your Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and in between Vitamin/Mineral Snack Drink Monday-Friday so you're not getting hungry. You're staying energized throughout the day and your body will rebalance itself. This will create he next step on your health Journey! 

You can also pick and choose the exact meals you want from the menu by checking the "Pick You're Meals" option. Then be sure to type which meals you want in the "Request/Comments/Allergies" section. If we have any issues, we'll be sure to contact you.

You will choose your Delivery or Pick up location/time when you get to the end of ordering process. We are currently delivering to 14 cities in South Georgia. Be sure to check the locations on the menu page.